Energy Management Solutions

GreenLink for Property Managers

GreenLink will deliver dramatic energy savings to your property owners without compromising the comfort of your rental guests or tenants. GreenLink offers intelligent management of your rental property’s environment providing increased savings and improved operations of your business. Take advantage of an Energy Management System that will provide increased visibility and control for your rental properties, allowing you to expand your business with limited resources, increasing revenues while ensuring customer satisfaction.

Why Use GreenLink

  • Provide a Better Stay with Comfort Control Makes Sure Guest Always Arrive to Comfortable Environment
  • Calendar Provides Occupied and Unoccupied Settings
  • Increase Revenues by Managing Properties More Efficiently Allowing You to Expand Business Model with Limited Resources
  • Visibility into Properties with Remote Monitoring through Web Portal
  • Access On/Off Control for HVAC, Pool & Water Heater
  • Provide Owner Satisfaction through Alarm Notification when Problems Occur and Over 25% Energy Savings
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