Core Infrastructure

Microsoft Exchange Server


Exchange 2007 offers anywhere access to messages, multiple storage and disaster recovery options, strong compliance, and integrated Unified Messaging.  With its completely new architecture, five server roles, hardware implications, certificates, and other complex technologies, IT organizations need a migration plan to effectively take advantage of these benefits.

Channel Parity provides planning, design and deployment services to companies interested in migrating to Exchange 2007.   Channel Parity consultants helps IT Pros ensure the best design and implementation of the system they’ll manage, and helps IT Managers expand in-house expertise by teaming with experts that have been in the trenches.

Some of the project tasks

  • Conduct onsite white boarding sessions, detailing user access and architecture options
  • Outline the licensing options and benefits
  • Interview stakeholders to determine requirements, goals, & growth
  • Analyze existing messaging system, Active Directory,  DNS, certificate infrastructure, LAN/WAN, security policies, PBXs, and external applications and connectors that connect to email
  • Identify migration requirements (i.e. pst files, public folders, calendar appointments)
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